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Question: Do you need a purchase order (PO) issued prior to sending our Cognex card for repair?


Answer: A PO is optional. We will send an invoice to you once we have repaired your Cognex card.




Question: What happens if you’re not able to repair the Cognex card that we have sent to you?


Answer: We have a 100% repair success rate. If your Cognex vision card is not physically damaged, we will definitely get it repaired. If we face an unlikely situation of not getting your board repaired, we will replace a similar working Cognex card at the same repair cost or return your card without any charge.




Question: Do you need to evaluate our faulty Cognex card prior to giving us a repair quotation?

Answer: We practice a flat repair charge for the Cognex VM16/A card. We do not have to evaluate your faulty Cognex board prior to giving a quotation.  However, customers who have tried repairing the card, or sent the card to other vendors for repair, or have physically damaged the card will have to send in the Cognex card for pricing assessment.




Question: What happens if we found the repaired / purchased Cognex card not working upon arrival (or within the warranty period)?


Answer: We provide 1 month standard warranty for the VM16/A Cognex board repair. Inform us within the warranty period and ship back to us for repair at no cost.




Question: What precautions should we take when handling / shipping a Cognex card?


Answer: All Cognex boards should be handled with care. ESD protection is necessary while handling and shipping. Do not touch the Cognex board without wrist or heel strap grounding. Always store the board in an ESD bag when removed from your machine. When you ship out the Cognex card for repair, make sure to use foam or bubble bags for physical protection.




Question: Would there be any customs tax on shipment to and back from your repair facility?


Answer: There is no import/export tax for properly documented shipment. For international customers, kindly  request for shipping instructions from us. We will be happy to help you out.




Question: Is it wise to send the Cognex card for repair or go for the 1-to-1 exchange option?


Answer: Sending you Cognex card for repair costs lower but you have a longer lead-time. If your requirement is urgent, you may opt to purchase or go for the 1-to-1 exchange option.





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